Pulsar Plus Level 2 Electric Vehicle Smart Charger - 40 Amp NEMA Ultra Compact, WiFi, Bluetooth, Alexa and Google Home - 25 Foot Cable - UL Certified - Indoor/Outdoor - by Wallbox

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  • Compact design, powerful performance, Outdoor-ready, and NEMA 14-50 plug included. Type 4 rated watertight
  • 240-volt Level 2 EV charging. Charges 7x faster than the standard Level 1 (120V) charging cables
  • Bluetooth & WiFi connectivity and app adjustable power via the myWallbox app
  • Power Sharing: Connect two or more chargers to a single circuit to charge multiple EVs at one time
  • Power Boost: Pair Pulsar Plus with our smart meter to enable maximum charging power even in homes with limited capacity. Eco-Smart: Use exclusively green energy from your solar panels or a mix of green + grid energy to charge your car

Product Attributes:

Attribute NameAttribute Value
ManufacturerWallbox Chargers SL
BrandW Wallbox
Item Weight19.81 pounds
Product Dimensions4 x 7.8 x 7.9 inches
Country of OriginSpain
Manufacturer Part NumberPUP1-U-1-5-N-002-A
Voltage240 Volts (AC)
Wattage9.6 KW
Date First AvailableNovember 16, 2020
AvailabilityIn Stock
Rating4 stars and up

Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on July 19, 2022
TL/DR: very happy so far. Install was challenging due to circumstances beyond the charger’s scope. Product arrived quickly and undamaged, and upon installation works perfectly. If anything could be improved, it’s the clasp mechanism that holds the J1772 connector in the holster. It doesn’t seem to grab very well and takes a few tries to get it to hold. I wired the unit up myself, but I’m an electrical engineer and comfortable with this kind of project. I definitely recommend hiring an electrician to most users. I purchased the 48A version, since EVs are getting bigger and bigger ranges these days. We just purchased an EV with 300 mile range and I wanted to be able to charge at our vacation rental near Asheville NC. Since the driveway is about 40 ft from the house and there is no garage, I installed the charger on a structure made from treated 4x4 posts and plywood. Ran #6/3 UF-B cable through 1.5” PVC SCH 40 Conduit up to a 60A disconnect box. Realized after $500 of cable was purchased that you don’t need the neutral cable so I could have used #6/2 and marked the white wire with black tape and connected to the other phase. Sigh…that’s what I get for not reading the instructions in the manual before purchasing cable! Connected to a new 60A GFCI breaker (another $250) and it’s working like a champ. Charged my car to 80% the first night and then topped off to 100% before the 235 mile drive to Raleigh today. Got home with 18% left! I haven’t set up the app yet but will do that next month in hopes not to enable the charger unless someone is staying at the rental house. I will also build a shed roof for the charging station to make it more weather proof (all enclosures are NEMA4 rated so it’s fine out in the elements as-is). Update: after a month I installed the app and like the features such as statistics, remote locking, setting the charging current, etc. The only complaint I have is the WiFi receiver is weak. Wallbox customer support said the WiFi receiver works best if the WiFi router is in front of the charger. Well in my installation the router is about 50 ft behind. It works about half the time, but I can usually lock/unlock the charger remotely. I hope to set up the charger as a public charger sometime and if I can figure out that will update my review.
Reviewed on September 07, 2022
Pretty straight forward Level 2Charger. OK power, though if I knew more about EV Chargers prior to purchasing and getting this installed, I would probably opt for a more powerful one if I were to do it again. That is my only complaint, and that is on me not knowing the lay of the land prior to buying and installing it. That being said, it will charge and almost empty battery to 100% overnight. So it does what I need it to do. The app is pretty basic and straightforward, and can give you a lot of useful information, but it is not overwhelming. I do appreciate that you can set up a timing window so that it charges overnight. It does cost $700 up front, but our local power company has a $500 rebate offer which we were able to take advantage of. This defrayed a large amount of the cost of the charger, though we did need to have an electrician come in to install it. I am handy, but I draw the line at 240V and messing with the fuse box.
Reviewed on September 04, 2022
It does what it's supposed to, and charges my car, it's neat that you can adjust the rate, which I had to do extensively to try to troubleshoot, ultimately never having a solution, but worked extensively with customer service who is always ready to help! Even to the point of replacing my original purchased unit. The LED illumination on it is definitely neat, but depending on where you put it might be kind of bright! And with the odd response humanity seems to have in regards to EV vehicles might draw unwanted attention at night. Only downside, maybe directly in relation to my vehicle, is it constantly would drop and reconnect drop and reconnect the charge, and every few seconds notify my phone! Also the Wi-Fi could definitely be better, I would much rather have seen an external antenna on it, though not as aesthetically pleasing. It definitely seem like a company working towards creating a great product! :-)
Reviewed on July 02, 2022
Would definitely purchase again. I have a Hyundai Ioniq 5 which pulls close to the rated 9600 watts of the 40 amp plug-in model of the Pulsar Plus. Charging has always worked flawlessly. An important thing to note is that it works well when plugged into a 50 amp GFCI breaker protected circuit with no nuisance trips after about 3 months of use (Siemens QPF GFCI) Unit has the NEMA 4 waterproof rating, which will allow direct water from a hose. It's ideal for outside or inside garage mounting. It's compact and very nice looking. App works ok for me, with the exception of charging history lagging by a day or two. I have not used scheduled charging feature. I like the charging cost feature, which works after you specify your utility cost per kw/hr. New firmware is regularly offered which seems to have improved the bluetooth and wifi connectivity, though still not perfect. Bluetooth connection between phone and unit takes much longer than it should. Support (phenomenal) says that wifi should be close to 70% strength to allow for reliable firmware updates. Mine is at 50% and i turn wifi off at all times unless updating. Updates are always less than seemless, but i always get them done in the end after a short struggle. Updates over bluetooth alone are possible, but that always seems to be a challenge (Samsung Galaxy Android 12). Firmware 5.11.13 adds ability to turn off halo light, which is an issue with some users, especially if mounted outside. Mine is in the garage so i leave the light on. I love seeing the status at a glance.
Reviewed on September 04, 2022
3’ of 6ga and 50amp non-gfci. Two hots and a ground (no neutral). Strait into studs. Made in Spain. Heard the connector was better than the 48 and it was lighter and less money, only need 32a. Electronics look good. Well put together and engineered. Software updated. iPhone app glitchy but worked fine. I’m not interested in features, it’s an appliance. We don’t have off-hour reduced rates.