Samsung 45W USB-C Super Fast Charging Wall Charger - Black (US Version with Warranty), 45W TA w/ Cable, Black


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  • Super fast charging up to 45W with Compatible devices
  • Rapid charging - plug into any standard wall outlet via the include AC adapter. The super fast charger delivers up to 3 amp to give your phone power at a much faster rate than your standard 1a or 700mA charger.
  • Flexibility - a detachable USB-C to USB-C cable is included in the box, so you can charge your phone from any other USB-C power source such as your computer or a portable battery. Use the cable to sync and transfer files at blazing speeds with your Galaxy or any other compatible smartphone or laptop.

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on September 14, 2022
I really like this wall charger for my Samsung S22 Ultra and my Samsung S Tab 6. It charges my phone and tablet very quickly (one at a time). The cord supplied with this wall charger is a lot longer than the cord that came with my phone so I use this one for home and the shorter, original cable for charging in the car. At full price, it does seem a rather expensive purchase to make in addition to the phone. But because Samsung no longer supplies wall chargers with their latest phones I needed one plus it is doing double duty for my tablet and it does the job quickly for both devices which saves me some time.
Reviewed on September 10, 2022
I bought a Samsung S22 Ultra. The charger I used for it took about 5 hours (no joke) to completely charge my phone. I didn't really want to purchase another charger, but also knew waiting freaking 5 hours to charge your phone is rediculous. I read the reviews on this charger and was unsure but I purchased it anyway. It works super fast! Under an hour to fully charge. Perhaps the bad reviews are from people with older phones. If you have the same phone as me, I would not hesitate to get this!!!
Reviewed on September 20, 2022
This charging block is hefty. If it were a person it'd be a starting offensive lineman for an NFL team. That aside, it works as designed. My S20 Ultra hits the 45W "Super Fast Charging 2.0" speed. You can also successfully charge USB-C laptops and garbage Macbooks with a C to Lightning cable rather quickly and without issue.
Reviewed on September 07, 2022
It's about time! A $1000 phone shouldn't take hours to charge. My s22 Ultra goes from 20% to 85% in less than a half hour
Reviewed on May 09, 2022
Ordered one of these to use with our Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultras. It was on sale $10 off, so the price was very good. This charger has surpassed all expectations. We leave it in the kitchen for those days where we didnt charge our phones overnight or just need a quick upcharge. It charges so fast that we can plug it in, make a quick lunch, and by the time you're ready to eat we've gained 30-50% more battery. Leave it for a little longer and it's at or near 100%. It's perfect for how we use it; as a quick charge up. I wouldn't necessarily use it as a bedside charger, since it will charge your phone completely before you're even fully asleep. We usually use wireless chargers for bedside stuff. As a note, we have also used Samsung 25 watt chargers, which are also amazingly fast. We did notice a speed difference between the 25 watt charger and this 45 watt charger. It doesnt appear to be twice as fast, but it is noticeably faster. By the way, all these times are anecdotal; we didn't do any timed tests, just what we've noticed through actual use. Our primary devices are S22 Ultras and and the Galaxy Tab 8 Ultra (the large tablet). We also use it on our work iPhones. The charger also works with everything else. It detects the devices' highest charging rate and automatically adjusts. We use it for our kid's Amazon Fire 7 and any other electronics we need, including some rechargeable flashlights. Highly recommended.
Reviewed on September 01, 2022
De materiales fuertes, es un cargador que te permite cargar de una forma super rápida y se calienta poco en el proceso
Reviewed on September 14, 2022