vCharged iPhone Charger Cable 2ft, Apple MFi Certified Lightning Cable Premium Nylon Braided Fast Charging USB Cord for iPhone 13, 12, 11 Pro/Max/Mini, XR, XS/Max, X, 8, 7, 6, iPad, Airpods - Black

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  • iPhone Charger Fast Charging: 2 ft short lightning cable length is needed for the thousands of standard 3 ft iPhone chargers. Our unique cables provide the exact distance to for iPhone car charger or travel, regardless of your location.
  • Lightning Cable: Join the movement with over 300k customers since 2017 - including iPad charger fast charging speeds from any USB wall charger adapter or portable charger and power bank for your apple fast charger or lightning charger.
  • Short iPhone Charging Cable: Built with heavy durability to withstand 90-degree bends over 30k times and holds up to 80 lbs of weight to withstand the everyday use of your iPhones, Apple iPad and Airpod Pros. Comfortably fits in pocket for travel.
  • MFi Certified: Lightning cable manufactured and certified for Apple Made for iPhone, iPod, iPad program since 2017 while using the latest chips to ensure your latest iPhone 13 Pro or iPad A for portable power banks and iPhone car charger.
  • Exceptional Customer Service: 1-year warranty applies for all customers. Our customer service team is located in the USA to handle your questions during business hours to ensure your vCharged Lightning Cable is the last iPhone charger you purchase.

Product Attributes:

Attribute NameAttribute Value
Connector TypeLightning
Cable TypeLightning
Compatible DevicesValues:
  1. IPhone 13

  2. 13 Mini

  3. 13 Pro

  4. 13 Pro Max

  5. 12 Pro Max

  6. 12 Pro

  7. 12

  8. 11 Pro Max

  9. 11 Pro

  10. 11

  11. XS Max

  12. XS

  13. XR

  14. X

  15. 8

  16. 8 Plus

  17. 7

  18. 6 Plus

  19. iPad Pro

  20. iPad

  21. AirPods

  22. AirPods Pro
Compatible Phone ModelsValues:
  1. IPhone 11

  2. iPhone 11 Pro

  3. iPhone 11 Pro Max

  4. iPhone XS Max

  5. iPhone XS

  6. iPhone XR

  7. iPhone X

  8. iPhone 8

  9. 8 Plus

  10. iPhone 7

  11. 7 Plus

  12. iPhone 6

  13. 6 Plus

  14. iPhone 5

  15. 5s

  16. 5c

  17. se

  18. iPad Pro

  19. iPad Air 1

  20. 2

  21. iPad mini 1

  22. 2

  23. 3

  24. iPod nano7

  25. iPod touch
Connector GenderMale-to-Male
Unit Count1.0 Count
Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Product Dimensions2 x 0.4 x 1 inches
Item Weight0.634 ounces
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Other display featuresWireless
Country of OriginChina
Date First AvailableAugust 2, 2017
AvailabilitySold Out
Rating4 stars and up

Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on July 14, 2022
This cable worked for a few months and it started intermittently disconnecting my iPhone from my car’s CarPlay. I thought it was the car: dealership said nope. Maybe the phone? Nope, got a new one. It was the cable. I got a genuine Apple cable and the issues suddenly disappeared. If that’s not bad enough, the metal grip on the lightning connector started coming off and sliding around during use. Mind you, this was being used in a car with extremely light use and zero rough handling and yet this was still falling apart. I suspect they lied about the certification with all the issues I had. I’m only giving it two stars because it was cheap and it seemingly had nice materials and it worked for a short while. Still, I don’t recommend it at all.
Reviewed on March 13, 2019
*updated* *see original review below* I received an email today (7 months after my original review) from vCharged. In the email I was informed that my review had been not only seen, but believed, and that measures had been made to rectify any issues that would cause the product to be dangerous. They also refunded my purchase price and offered to send me an additional gift card for Amazon. I am incredibly impressed with the response I received, and I adjusted my rating accordingly. I increased it to 3 stars. It would have been 4 if I had received a response sooner. ******************** I bought this because it matched my phone case and I wanted a short cable for use on my desk at work. After one use, it stopped charging my phone, so I unplugged it. A few days later I was desperate so I pulled it out again and tried it. It got HOT. Like, it will leave a mark, jerk your hand back and cuss hot. How hot? Hotter than 107F, because that’s how high my thermometer reads and it gave me a ‘too hot to read’ error. Hot enough to MELT CANDLE WAX, as seen in the photo. I even tried different plugs - an Apple and a Samsung and had the same result. Save yourself an insurance claim and avoid this charger!!
Reviewed on July 21, 2021
I love the color it works like any other iPhone charger its portable
Reviewed on September 28, 2021
I purchased this cable on 8/20 for my truck I was getting. Truck arrived 9/01 and the cable worked great! by 9/25 it stopped working so well and flickers between not connected/connected.
Reviewed on May 28, 2020
The cable arrived in a timely manner and had no damage to packaging. The price didn’t seem bad either. After removing the cable and attaching it to my 2018 Harley Davidson Trike for my iphone carplay, the cable would not stay plugged in to my iphone. I have other cables for the house and car that are 6’ and 10’ long and don’t have any problems hooking my iphone to these. I just don’t want to coil up 5’-9’ of cable on the bike. I was really hoping this short cable was going to do the trick but it didn’t. I will definitely need to do some more research for a better way to connect my phone to the bike without all the cable.
Reviewed on July 10, 2021
The cord doesn’t always work. I have to unplug and plug it back in to my car and phone for it to register and pull up for Apple Car Play. Sometimes it only works to charge my phone and won’t work with Apple Car Play at all.
Reviewed on October 14, 2018
The description states the cable is 2 feet--24 inches--long. I planned to use this to charge my phone in my car. I measured carefully before ordering and 24 inches was the perfect length for my car. I thought the cable was a bit on the expensive side, but I really liked the idea of a charging cable that didn't have a lot of extra length flopping around. Unfortunately, the cable I received was almost 3 inches shorter than described, which didn't leave any slack between my phone and the charging port. Even if you add in the full length of both connectors, which is not the standard way to measure this type of cable, the total length still falls short of the promised 2 feet. The cable seemed OK except for the length and the cost. I have started the return process and got an email saying a credit will be issued so no complaints there. If you want a short cable and you don't need the full 24 inches of length, this might be worth trying.
Reviewed on May 08, 2018
UPDATE: I did order another cord to try. In the meantime, vCharged saw my review and sent me TWO FREE REPLACEMENTS. They get an extra star for excellent customer service. Will revise to 5 stars when I see these cords last longer than the other did. Good sturdy cable- I had high hopes. It worked well for a week with intermittent use in car - but then simply stopped connecting. Refund was immediately issued and I'm going to order another due to the positive reviews I've read. I'll update after a few weeks with the new cable.